Platinum Partners:

Genelec, founded in 1978 on principles of neutral sound, reliability and sustainability, are established industry leaders in professional studio monitor production. Since then, their portfolio has expanded to selected quality-conscious AV installation and home markets.

Gold Partners:

Iron Mountain Entertainment Services helps you preserve, access, and monetize your archive.


We provide the industry expertise and technology to protect assets across their entire lifecycle – from analog or physical format to digitization, digital preservation, and distribution. Learn how our services and capabilities can support your diverse range of needs and challenges.

For the last 25 years, Nokia has been at the forefront of innovation on spatial audio. Now, the future of voice communication is here. Immersive voice technology is the greatest step forward in voice call audio for decades. It’s the biggest progression from single-channel calls, which have been the standard ever since the telephone was invented a century and a half ago.

Silver Partners:

Sonoris develops high-end audio products for the recording and mastering professional. Multiplatform software ranging from a complete line of audio plugins to standalone DDP solutions. The software developed by Sonoris is used in mastering studios around the world.

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